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Very happy for you Mike. Thanks for leading the charge. Myself working on the front lines of addiction see the absolute havoc the alcohol industry is wrecking upon us. People certainly make their choices, but this is the #1 non address health crisis of our time. It is the real pandemic, not Covid is not a health crisis. However, why don’t we put the same urgency into this silent killer taking so many?

Kipp Kramer

I'm in for Sober October. Takes a while for people to stop trying to get you to drink with them at parties as it seems unusual without a reason. I'm going to try it without saying Sober October and instead it's because I'm choosing not to (unless we want to promote that term?)


Great read... the one thing I might add to your list is that alcohol is an illusory liar. We drink it because we get a "buzz" and we "feel good"... but that's a lie, because nothing good happened in your life when you drank, nothing actually got better. You changed your brain chemistry with ethanol, and actually introduced neurotoxins into your body - which means something DID change, but it's all bad, nothing good. It's a liar.


Totally agree. I pretty much quit drinking in Aug 2019 and now it tastes foul to me, and I don’t see the benefit. And I was pretty close to having a problem with it for years — it got me in far more trouble than the value I got out of it.
I was scared for years that without alcohol my life would be negatively impacted. That couldn’t be further from the truth — my life is so much better in ways I never want to give back to the drug.


I feel more connected to myself and the world around me since giving up alcohol in 2016.


I think the 30 days are more meaningful if accompanied by some self-educating. I recommend The Alcohol Experiment by Annie Grace.


Well said. I'm doing Sober September and October this year. I enjoy it overall but it's tough at social events or a happy hour where I would normally have a delicious bourbon, beer or Old Fashioned. Anyway, staying sober in Oct. and then I really look forward to a well deserved cocktail on Nov. 1st. Thanks Mike.


Thanks for this Mike! I have been thinking a lot about it, my kids started pulling beers out of the fridge and saying Dad...I was blown away and had the same thoughts about what I do in front of them.

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